Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

We are taking steps to lower our environmental footprint as a producer by offering a range of swimwear that use predominantly Oeko-Tex Certified materials.

All of the metal hardware used on our swimwear and our exclusive range of 'Whiskey' Italian Lycra designs are Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, which have been tested for harmful substances.

Our 'Whiskey' range has been sourced from an environmentally conscious fabric supplier based out of Italy. This mill also runs on renewable energies and actively promotes sustainability and environmental awareness. This eco-conscious mill has strict emissions standards and even stricter reduction goals. The mill has not only lowered their emissions well below what is required by law, but they have also installed an innovative waste water treatment plant aimed at removing pollutants before they are sent to the municipal purification system. 


How you wash and care for your swimwear can cause considerable environmental impact. For reduced environmental impact throughout the swimwear's life, we have selected materials that require minimal detergents and can be cleaned in cold water. We ensure that instructive washing labels are sewn into each of I Am Zazie’s swimwear products, offering eco-friendly methods of washing and drying to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption. 

We have decided to replace conventional plastic or paper packaging of our products for reusable, eco-friendly cotton bags. 

We are not perfect but we strive to keep our company's environmental impact as low as possible, and over time we hope to offer fully sustainable products.

I Am Zazie Marine Conservation Protection

Marine Conservation & Protection

I Am Zazie is focused on raising awareness for marine conservation and the protection of our oceans. 

Our oceans are being threatened by over-fishing, pollution, coral bleaching, rising water temperatures, global warming, and widespread, rapid and damaging industrial developments.

I Am Zazie works with many freedivers and other underwater athletes, and hopes to raise awareness for the importance of marine wildlife and conservation. 

To get involved in our many exciting underwater projects in the future, please get in contact! We'd love to hear from you! 



There are no quick fixes here but every little step taken can make a difference. 

Amazing work is being done by some incredible people and organisations. Here are just some that we admire and support: 

Click the button to view an interactive map of the plights of different animals and conservation efforts around the globe. Find an organisation near you and get involved!