10 Tips for a Long Lasting Swimsuit:

For maximum durability and to avoid any bagging or sagging, I Am Zazie uses high performance materials in all of our products. 


To ensure your swimsuits and bikinis stay in perfect condition, follow these easy tips on how to protect your swimwear this summer:


  1. Rinse your swimwear with a quick cold hand wash in fresh water after use. 

  2. Pack your swimwear in your I Am Zazie branded eco-friendly cotton bag packaging to ensure they stay snag free while travelling! 

  3. Avoid spin or tumble drying. Gently massage off any excess water and lay out to dry in a shady spot, out of direct sunlight. 

  4. Do not hang your swimwear as water can collect at the bottom. Instead, try laying out flat between two dry towels so they can absorb excess water. 

  5. Do not soak

  6. Do not iron. Instead try laying the swimwear on a flat surface.

  7. Do not pack or store when wet. The rest of your luggage will thank you for it too!

  8. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals sometimes found in pools, saunas, deodorants, tanning oils, make up or perfumes. Rinse well after use if your swimwear comes into contact with chlorine, tanning oils etc. Do not bleach

  9. Avoid rough surfaces like concrete or wooden furniture which can snag the fibres of your swimsuit's fabric.

  10. Rinse all metal hardware in cold fresh water after swimming in pools or in the ocean to remove chemicals or excess salt. 


For more information on how to care for your swimsuit or bikini, check the care instruction labels which are attached to every I Am Zazie swimwear product! 

I Am Zazie's  'Yvie' Cheeky Bottoms  in 'Whiskey' Italian Lycra 

I Am Zazie's 'Yvie' Cheeky Bottoms in 'Whiskey' Italian Lycra 


Our exclusive designs in 'Whiskey' use specialised Italian Lycra as it is more than 5 times resistant to fibre breakdown than your average spandex, for a lasting shape and fit.

This 'Whiskey' range use Oeko-Tex Certified fabric has been tested for harmful substances. Click here to shop the range of 'Whiskey' designs. 


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