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Welcome to our brand new I Am Zazie website and blog! 

Our blog will keep you updated on all the latest news, exclusives, insight into what inspires us, plus a behind the scenes look into everything that goes into designing, making and delivering our new range of beachwear.

Offering a range of minimalist and chic designs, we are launching our latest luxury I Am Zazie beachwear collection of swimsuits, bikinis, wetsuits and beach accessories in 2017. 

Every I Am Zazie product has been carefully designed with you in mind, using the finest fabrics and hardware, cutting edge technology, impeccable fit and comfort, with stylish and flattering silhouettes. 

Zazie Abroad - Zazie Goes to Tahiti     @iamzazie
Welcome aboard!  (Image via Pinterest)


I Am Zazie focuses on inspiring and empowered women around the world. 

Showcasing their unique talents and gifts, spreading awareness around important global causes and issues, highlighting their incredible achievements and encouraging these women's voices to be heard.

I Am Zazie is not a brand for one "type" of woman. I Am Zazie is for every woman.


We are so glad you are coming along for this adventure!

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