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Biologi have the perfect skincare products to help promote healthy, beautiful skin for your next vacation! 



Biologi is redefining skincare by offering unaltered, single ingredient, plant-to-bottle products that contain nothing but the highest concentration of natural occurring active nutrients.

THE ITALIAN VACATION GETAWAY - 1. Bd Luminosity Face Serum 100% Davidson Plum by Biologi 2. Myla Contour Black One Piece Swimsuit in Espresso by I Am Zazie Swimwear 3. Isabella Sunglasses by Sunday Somewhere 4. Rainbow Embroidery Flats by Joshua Sanders


I’ve been using your facial & body serums for the past month and now swear by them. They have completely transformed my skin! What makes your incredible products so special?

Biologi is not only the first 100% pure natural serum on the market, but also the first 100% active. This means there are no fillers, preservatives or chemicals of any kind so your skin is able to absorb the plant nutrients fast and effectively.

No other product on the market has only one ingredient, which can be attributed to our innovative extraction method.

It is not the juice, powder, acid or synthetic equivalent – our serum is the concentrated live force from within the plant cells.

THE COTE d'AZUR VACATION ESSENTIALS - 1.  Harper Triangle Bikini Top  in Coconut by  I Am Zazie Swimwear  2.  Bf Hydration Body Serum 100% Finger Lime  by  Biologi  3.  Cashmere Sweater  by  Kule

THE COTE d'AZUR VACATION ESSENTIALS - 1. Harper Triangle Bikini Top in Coconut by I Am Zazie Swimwear 2. Bf Hydration Body Serum 100% Finger Lime by Biologi 3. Cashmere Sweater by Kule

For those planning a sun holiday or catching some rays down at the beach, how would you recommend incorporating Biologi with your SPF and as an after-sun recovery?

Our Bk and Bf serums contain high levels of natural Vitamin C which offer photo-protective qualities. So they not only help decrease damage from UV light, but they help prevent the damage in the first place!

Whilst sunscreen protects you from burning, it only protects you 70% from sun damage such as pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, destroying collagen and redness. When you use an anti oxidant in conjunction with SPF you are 100% protected from sunburn and all types of sun damage.

To achieve ultimate protection, we recommend applying Bk all over the face and then applying your sunscreen over the top. Bk will provide all the anti-oxidants your skin needs to fight the free radicals and prevent any further damage.

After you’ve been exposed to the sun, liberally apply Bf all over your body- don’t hold back! Bf is full of powerful phyto-actives which will go straight to the cell to help repair any damage that the sun has caused. Whilst Biologi helps prevent and repair UV damage from a cellular level, we still recommend using a strong SPF in your routine.



THE TAHITIAN BEACH ESCAPE - 1. Harper Luxe Triangle Bikini Top in Whiskey by I Am Zazie Swimwear 2. Bk Eye Serum 100% Kakadu Plum by Biologi 3. Russo Straw Hat by Lack of Color 4. Round Sunglasses by Sunday Somewhere


When hopping on a long haul flight to your next beach vacation, what are your in-flight tips for arriving with fresh, bright & revived skin?

As you may know, flying dehydrates and decreases the blood flow to the surface of the skin.

We’d recommend applying Bd all over the face pre-flight to hydrate and promote moisture retention. To keep those problem areas happy in-flight, apply the serums liberally. We recommend Bd on the lips and Bf on the hands and cuticles.

After every flight to make skin look refreshed again, we like to cleanse, exfoliate and apply our serums to the face. The Bd serum is great for this as it locks moisture and the active components stimulate vital blood flow back to the surface to get the skin glowing again.






All Swimwear & Location Photography by I Am Zazie

Model: Shannon Lawson

Campaign Photography: Cameron Mackie

Campaign Styling: Freddie Fredericks