Interview - Shannon Lawson


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What is your ethnicity?

I’m Australian, Fijian, Indian.


Can you speak any other languages?

Very bad Italian if I’m up for the challenge.


Sunbathing or beach activities?

BOTH! I spend the day tanning in the peak of the sun and then wind down with swimming and ball sports on the beach.


3 things that can be found in your beach bag?

Head phones, water & coconut oil.


Describe your beach style in 5 words:

Only 2 words:

beach bum.


Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat?



What is your guilty pleasure?

Internet shopping.


You’re relaxing poolside, what is your drink of choice?



Bikini or one-piece?

The smaller the bikini the better for tanning.


Early riser or night owl?

I don’t mind early starts but prefer staying up late.


Skinny dipping?

You only live once.


What cocktail best describes your personality?

I’ve got two:

Margarita - I don’t take myself very seriously and I’ll see you on the dance floor!... and an Espresso martini which usually means I’m up to no good!


If you could raid the wardrobe of any celebrity, who would it be?

Obviously Gigi and Kendall


What are your go-to workout songs?

ANYTHING Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.


Favourite TV show growing up?



Quick shower & coffee or Bubble bath & wine?

LONG SHOWERS that burn your skin and lots of wine.

Model Shannon Lawson wears our Harper Luxe Bikini Set in Italian Lycra -  SHOP HERE →

Model Shannon Lawson wears our Harper Luxe Bikini Set in Italian Lycra - SHOP HERE →

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Do you have any advice on how to choose the right swimwear for your body type?

You just need to be comfortable in it. The one thing I learnt at Miami Swim Week was that women of all shapes and sizes wore the smallest swimsuits with the greatest confidence. Own what you have and accept who you are. If you own it, know one will think twice.


What are the most important things you look for in a swimsuit or bikini?

For me its tanning. I like thin straps on my swim bottoms and cheeky coverage.I need a swim top that is easy to get on and off when being discreet at the beach.


What superpower do you wish you had?

I think as women we already have super powers...

  • STRENGTH - we were created to grow life inside of us and we don’t complain at the gym!
  • INTELLIGENCE - we set our minds to something and always fight to achieve our goals.
  • BEAUTY - we can allure people in.
  • EMOTION - we can nurture another person.

The list goes on but with great power, comes great responsibility ladies!


Name a woman who inspires you:

My Nana.

You have over 90k followers on Instagram. As a model who shares your modelling work online, how do you deal with creeps on social media?

You only get one chance. It sounds silly but there are a lot of weirdos on there. I try and monitor it but its so tough. I block anyone and everyone who steps out of line when commenting or private messaging. The things I’ve seen and read give me nightmares. Its so easy to sexualize a girl who is promoting swimwear. I try to post for women and think how girls would like to see my Instagram portrayed. I am beyond flattered when girls write to me. I truly believe we need to bring each other up and not tear each other down.

If it's anything but love and support on social media, I don’t have time for you.


We couldn't agree more Shannon! xx



Model ~ Shannon Lawson
Photography ~ Cameron Mackie
Styling ~ Freddie Fredericks
Sunglasses ~ Sunday Somewhere

Shot on location ~ Little Bay Beach in Sydney, Australia